Diaspora is 17.5 million strong, the greatest from a single nation: UN report

Diaspora is 17.5 million strong, the greatest from a single nation: UN report

United Nations: India is still the most significant state of origin of international migrants with a 17.5 million-strong diaspora throughout the world, and it obtained the highest remittance of USD 78.6 billion from Indians living abroad, the UN migration bureau said.

The International Organisation for Migration stated in its’Global Migration Report 2020′ which the amount of migrants in 2019 is estimated at 270 million and also the destination stays the US, at nearly 51 million. In its latest global report, the IOM noted that the general figure represents a tiny fraction of the world’s population, although it’s a 0.1 percent increase on the amount indicated in its last report, released a couple of decades ago. ‘This figure remains a tiny percentage of the world’s population (at 3.5 per cent), meaning the vast majority of individuals globally (96.5 percent ) are estimated to be living in the nation in which they had been born,’ IOM’s International Migration Report 2020 said.

An estimated 52 per cent are male, and almost two-thirds of migrants are currently looking for work. India continued to be the country of origin of international migrants.

The report also noted that remittances climbed to USD 689 billion in 2018. The top three remittance recipients were India (USD 78.6 billion), China (USD 67.4 billion) and Mexico (USD 35.7 billion). The United States remained the top remittance-sending nation (USD 68.0 billion) followed by the United Arab Emirates (USD 44.4 billion) and Saudi Arabia (USD 36.1 billion).

Although most migrants went into the US, the report confirmed other significant migration corridors from poorer countries to richer nations such as those to France, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. ‘This pattern is likely to remain the exact same for many years into the future, particularly as populations in some developing sub-regions and nations are projected to rise in coming decades, putting migration pressure on future generations, IOM said.

In Africa, Asia and Europe, many international migrants remain inside their regions of arrival, but the vast majority of migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean and North America don’t. Data showed that Gulf countries have some of the quantities of temporary labour migrants from the world in which they constitute almost 90 per cent of the population.

After nearly nine years of conflict, Syria is also the top refugee-originating nation, at well over six million – dwarfing Afghanistan (at around 2.5 million) – from a total of nearly 26 million. Finally, turning into the impact of climate and weather disasters, the report notes Typhoon Mangkhut from the Philippines contributed to the fact that 3.8 million people were newly displaced there in the end of 2018, the largest number internationally.

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