Itchy around? Remember when to not scratch

Itchy around? Remember when to not scratch

There are motives too many reasons why our skin feels especially in winters. However, an individual should always exercise restraint, even if the urge to scratch is strong. Sometimes, the condition is aggravated by the scratching. And, if you are wondering whether you can quickly graze your nails over the affected area, here’s what you will need to understand.

Dry skin

An accompaniment of this weather, dry skin mainly hits in the winter season. It causes the skin to turn flaky from the absence of perspiration and moisture. As such, it feels. However, experts say that dry skin should be moisturised and not scratched, since it can cause more problems for the skin’s surface coating. Openings and cracks can cause infections. It is sensible to wash in lukewarm rather than piping hot water, so as to keep the moisture inside.

Insect bites

After that pesky mosquito bites you, the body finds it and releases histamines — chemical compounds involved in the inflammatory response — that cause itching. The key is not to scratch, since it can result in more inflammation. Employing a cold compress may suppress the need to itch.


Let’s just say that if a part of the skin is burnt, scratching it can make it break. Maintain skin cool using products that are gentle like aloe vera gel onto it.


Eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin which makes it become dull, red, itchy, cracked, inflamed and rough. This condition occurs when the skin barrier doesn’t operate properly. So, the more you scratch, the itchier your skin gets, resulting in more redness and painful bumps. There are a few foods that can help you. Additionally, lotions and medicinal lotions can also soothe the skin. Check with your physician.


Much humiliation can be caused by the flakes that are snowy. However, it’s the itching which aggravate the problem and may drive you insane. Rather than picking on the scalp and running your hands, try using an anti-dandruff product.

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