Onion bringing tears.

Onion bringing tears.

The’pink vegetable’ is very likely to continue bringing tears in Bengal’s households, as the onion costs are unlikely to return to normal prior to mid- December. With the cost per ounce of onions in the city markets touching the century mark, it’s burnt holes in the pockets of the middle-class, who have not just cut down on the intake of this vegetable, but will also be looking for alternatives.

The prices have brought difficulties for a few renowned restaurants.

The yearly demand for onion in our state is 9.5 lakh metric tonnes or 80,000kg per month, as reported by a member of the task force responsible for keeping a check on onion prices in the town markets.

The complete production of onion in our state is sufficient to meet just about seven per cent of the requirement. On the other hand, the forms will be available in the markets from the month of January. Percentage of the state’s demand is met in the varieties.

Onion provide from Nasik’s shortage, according to Chandan Chakraborty president of Posta Bazar Merchants’ Association, is due to the continuing turmoil in Maharashtra. To solve the crisis, onions from three other states are being attracted to the state and things are likely to become far better.

While some inventory from Nasik, which fell short for some time, is being brought, forms from Alwar in Rajasthan and Belari from Karnataka will also get to the city in the upcoming few days. The purchase price of the vegetable at Nasik’s wholesale markets has come down to rupees 60 from day before yesterday. When the stock reaches the city, it is going to bring some respite to the public,” said Rabindranath Koley, a part of the state government’s job force. As of this moment, the town has been reached by around 30 trucks of onions from Nasik and Akola.

As informed by the member of the task force group, some malpractices have been observed at the city markets, but those are being addressed by keeping a strict vigil on the sale and purchase of their vegetable at the markets. The price of blossoms, is nevertheless, far from returning to normal Even though some respite might be anticipated with the coming of the source from the three states.

“Some onions are brought from the country of Rajasthan from the agriculture marketing department and are being marketed at rupees 59 per kg per head at the state authorities’Sufal Bangla’ stalls. Regular supply of the Nasik number will take approximately one month’s time,” advised Mr Abdur Razzak Molla, state minister for Food Processing Industries and Horticulture.

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