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Govt to present system Here is all you want to understand. New Delhi, Nov 28: The upcoming’E-invoicing’ system is going to be a boon to MSMEs as it will open the centre of immediate bank loans for MSMEs. Together with the new system of E-invoicing, banks might not call for a plethora of physical files and their approval processes instead they could do MSMEs’ ratings for the loan on the grounds of their e-invoicing. Additionally, the E-invoicing will bring in ease of doing business as it will pre-populate that the GST returns apart from reducing the reconciliation problems. The government has made a decision to launch’E-invoicing’ in a standardised way for producing business to business (B2B) statements on voluntary basis. It’s been determined by the authorities that companies using a turnover of Rs.500 Crore or would occupy E-invoicing from 1st January 2020 on voluntary and path basis while the businesses with turnover of Rs.100 Crore or more would begin E-invoicing on trial and voluntary basis from 1st February 2020. But from 1st April 2020 the E-invoicing will be compulsory for both these businesses categories. For companies it might stay voluntary and on trial basis from 1st April 2020. The basic goal behind adoption of process is to ease convenience to the citizens. By pre-populating the yields During E-invoicing the taxation department would help the businesses and citizens and this would result in lessening the reconciliation problems. Actually the fundamental principle behind introducing the e-invoicing would be to put the technology in the service of these people to make ease of living and ease of conducting business. The E-invoicing system will help to create invoice in a standard format in order that invoice generated on one system could be read by another system and reporting of e-invoice to some fundamental system becomes possible. The adoption of these standards wouldn’t impact the users of invoice; however, all the accounting applications would adopt the new e-invoice standard wherein they’d re-align their information access and retrieval in the typical format. The generation of e-invoice are the responsibility of the taxpayer who will be asked to report the same to Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) of GST. This portal will generate a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and digitally sign the e-invoice and also generate a QR code. The QR Code will contain vital parameters of this e-invoice and return the exact same to the taxpayer who generated the record in first place. The IRP will send the on the email provided in the e-invoice to the document’s receiver. E-invoice wouldn’t mean generation of invoices. The citizen would continue to use his accounting system/ERP or excel based tools or such a tool for creating the electronic invoice as is using now. To attain this goal there would be a need to standardize the format in which digital information of an Invoice will be shared between different stakeholders to guarantee interoperability of their data.

Google warned 12,000 about cyber attack. New Delhi: Google has delivered almost 12,000 warnings to its own users globally, including over 500 in India, against cyber attacks from the authorities in the next quarter (July to September) of the fiscal year 2019-20. A recent report released by the top search engine operator Google said that the firm was sending warnings to customers in 149 countries that were targetted by’attackers’. ‘We’ve had a policy to send customers warnings if we detect they have posted occasionally about these earlier, and are the topic of state-sponsored phishing attempts,’ Shane Huntley from Google’s Threat Analysis Group wrote in a blog post. The report by Google failed to specify whether the attacks come from government resources or the country’s citizens, or other nations’ citizens. However, it did specify that in order to hijack their account, the efforts are to obtain account credentials or a goal’s password. Over 90 per cent of these users were targeted through’credential phishing emails’,” Google stated. From’ Goolge’ asking the user, an attacker sends a masquerading email with a safety bait in a typical instance. The user enters their password, clicks on the link, and enters the safety code requested if they have two-factor authentication allowed, allowing the attacker. A number of these concerted campaigns have been found in Russia and South Korea, Google stated. APP is designed specifically for the highest-risk accounts,’ Huntley wrote in the article. The report by Google comes in a time once the messaging and media giant WhatsApp alleged the Israeli spyware named Pegasus had been utilized to target human rights activists and journalists around the globe. ‘In years past we’ve posted on issues such as phishing campaigns, vulnerabilities, and disinformation. Moving forward, we’ll share data and information about the dangers we discover and the way we cancel the broader digital security conversation to progress,’ Huntley stated.

Flu drug baloxavir leading to threat of resistance, say health experts. The flu drug is helpful in treating a population of influenza viruses. The drug is contributing to the rising threat of antiviral immunity, claim scientists in the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The viruses resistant to this medication is as dangerous and are capable of passing disease from person to person, they include. Produced and authorized in Japan, baloxavir is considered to be a highly effective medication: it may kill than the present crop of drugs. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved the medication on October 24, 2018. Was shown to alleviate flu symptoms at 54 hours. “The new medication is safe, it moved through phase three and was accepted safety-wise, but during clinical trials, the development of drug resistance was identified,” Yoshihiro Kawaoka, the lead writer clarifies. The immunity is pushed by the virus, which can be known to continuously change its form, say experts. The flu virus is capricious: they change so much they sometimes respond to antivirals, including baloxavir. An earlier study has provided evidence that some patients do not react to the treatment, following the virus increased immune to the medication. “The rate of development of baloxavir-resistant viruses is elevated and the immune viruses transmit and cause illness in humans,” Kawaoka told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW). To changing its form constantly known , the flu virus is capricious, state specialists. They change so much that they react to antivirals or no more become resistant, such as baloxavir. In the US, baloxavir is the tool to fight flu infections and it is that resistance to medication is stressing. This year the flu season in the US has had an earlier start than normal. Thus far, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported a total of 393 influenza-associated hospitalizations between October 1, 2019 and November 16, 2019. As of Friday, the CDC reported flu in five states: Alabama, California, Louisiana, Nevada and South Carolina. High levels of influenza were reported in seven states – Alabama – plus Puerto Rico. To comprehend the virus fares, crew and Kawoka studied two patients in Japan. They report an 11-year old boy who had been diagnosed with influenza, a strain called H3N2, was prescribed baloxavir. His fever returned after a couple of days though he felt better. And two weeks later, his sister was diagnosed with H3N2 influenza. Upon further investigation, the group decided that the boy had another variant of the virus prior to and after therapy. The distinction was that post treatment, the virus showed a mutation. The same variant was also found in the sister. “It tells one of that the virus acquired resistance during treatment and sent from brother to sister,” Kawaoka explains. A study assessing the drug in patients showed the exact same mutation in the samples collected in four of the 77 children enrolled who were treated with baloxavir.

Fillings option for treating tooth decay in children. Washington: Fillings may not be the best way to handle tooth decay in children, suggests a study. Findings from a major dental trial imply that preventing tooth decay from occurring in the first place is the most effective way for parents to help avoid pain and infection from decay in their children’s teeth. The biggest of its kind thus far, the trial , also discovered that 450 children who participate in the study experienced tooth decay and pain, regardless of which sort of dental treatment they received. ‘Our analysis shows that every way of treating corrosion worked to a similar degree but that children who get tooth decay at a young age have a higher chance of undergoing toothache and abscesses regardless of the way in which the dentist handles the rust,’ said Professor Nicola Innes, Chair of Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Dundee and lead writer. ‘What’s absolutely clear from our trial is the best method to handle tooth decay isn’t by drilling it out or putting it — it’s by preventing it in the first place,’ lasted Innes from the paper printed in the Journal of Dental Research. During the analysis, dentists operating throughout the country recruited more than 1,140 kids with visible tooth decay between the ages of three and seven. One of the three treatment approaches was chosen randomly for the trial, which had been around three years’ length for every child hygiene. The very first approach prevents putting any fillings and aimed to prevent new decay by reducing sugar consumption, ensuring twice-daily brushing with fluoridated toothpaste, application of fluoride varnish and placing of fissure sealants on the very first permanent molar (back) teeth. The second alternative involved drilling tooth decay out, which was based upon what has been considered the standard’drill and fill’ practice with treatments together for more than 50 decades. The next therapy approach was a minimally invasive approach where tooth decay was sealed in below a filling or a metal crown to prevent it progressing with preventative treatments. The main trial findings found no evidence to indicate that any of those treatment strategies were greater than another in terms of making a difference in quality of life children’s experience of pain or disease or dental anxiety between groups. All 3 different ways of treating corrosion were acceptable to kids, parents and dental professionals.

Diaspora is 17.5 million strong, the greatest from a single nation: UN report United Nations: India is still the most significant state of origin of international migrants with a 17.5 million-strong diaspora throughout the world, and it obtained the highest remittance of USD 78.6 billion from Indians living abroad, the UN migration bureau said. The International Organisation for Migration stated in its’Global Migration Report 2020′ which the amount of migrants in 2019 is estimated at 270 million and also the destination stays the US, at nearly 51 million. In its latest global report, the IOM noted that the general figure represents a tiny fraction of the world’s population, although it’s a 0.1 percent increase on the amount indicated in its last report, released a couple of decades ago. ‘This figure remains a tiny percentage of the world’s population (at 3.5 per cent), meaning the vast majority of individuals globally (96.5 percent ) are estimated to be living in the nation in which they had been born,’ IOM’s International Migration Report 2020 said. An estimated 52 per cent are male, and almost two-thirds of migrants are currently looking for work. India continued to be the country of origin of international migrants. The report also noted that remittances climbed to USD 689 billion in 2018. The top three remittance recipients were India (USD 78.6 billion), China (USD 67.4 billion) and Mexico (USD 35.7 billion). The United States remained the top remittance-sending nation (USD 68.0 billion) followed by the United Arab Emirates (USD 44.4 billion) and Saudi Arabia (USD 36.1 billion). Although most migrants went into the US, the report confirmed other significant migration corridors from poorer countries to richer nations such as those to France, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. ‘This pattern is likely to remain the exact same for many years into the future, particularly as populations in some developing sub-regions and nations are projected to rise in coming decades, putting migration pressure on future generations, IOM said. In Africa, Asia and Europe, many international migrants remain inside their regions of arrival, but the vast majority of migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean and North America don’t. Data showed that Gulf countries have some of the quantities of temporary labour migrants from the world in which they constitute almost 90 per cent of the population. After nearly nine years of conflict, Syria is also the top refugee-originating nation, at well over six million – dwarfing Afghanistan (at around 2.5 million) – from a total of nearly 26 million. Finally, turning into the impact of climate and weather disasters, the report notes Typhoon Mangkhut from the Philippines contributed to the fact that 3.8 million people were newly displaced there in the end of 2018, the largest number internationally.

Bullied 12-year-old woman with special needs kills herself after abuse football players, from cheerleaders NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: A household from Nashville revealed that their 12-year-old daughter committed suicide last week after being targeted by bullies at her school. The student, Tarhiya Sledge, is a special-education student in the JFK Middle school was supposedly relentlessly and mercilessly bullied at her school by football players and cheerleaders. Sledge took her life at her home on November 18 that ignited a police investigation in addition to a internal investigation by the Metro Nashville Public Schools. The kid’s parents are currently looking at the possibility of filing a discrimination suit although they assert that the administrators made aware and were educated but turned a blind eye. The family’s lawyer, Roland Mumford stated that it had been alleged that a trash can at Tarhiya had thrown while the other had yanked her hair so tough that some of it had come out and talked to WKRN. Mumford revealed,”The mother put the JFK middle school on notice in writing, email, and in-person countless occasions in the previous 90 days and they neglected to do it”. Mikesha Glover needed to resort to shooting her daughter out of classes in late October, when she got no help for her daughter. Mumford also revealed he was able to get the titles of six pupils who were suspected of bullying Tarhiya. These titles contained members of the soccer team of the school as well as the cheerleading squad. The mum of tarhiya took to share a message attractive with any knowledge to come forward to parents at her late kid’s school. In a different follow-up post, Glover wrote,”I can’t breathe, I can not sleep, my body is aching even thinking about the torture my baby had to endure at the hands of bullies”. Tarhiya’s stepfather, Mario Glover shared the the kid was a’celebrity’ who loved everyone and wanted all to be pleased.

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party would win in UK London: Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party would win a comfortable majority in Britain’s parliament if the election were held this week, according to a poll by respected research company YouGov. Britain votes December 12, together with Prime Minister Johnson hoping to secure a majority to have the ability to push through his Brexit deal to take the country out of the European Union. YouGov’s poll, published Wednesday, said if the elections were held on Thursday that the Conservatives would grab 44 chairs from the main opposition Labour party to win a 68-seat bulk. “As anticipated, the vital thing deciding the extent to which each of the seats is shifting against Labour (is) the way that seat voted at the European Union referendum” in 2016, said Chris Curtis, YouGov’s governmental research manager. The survey — the first in this campaign to forecast election results seat-by-seat — utilizes a model that properly forecast 93 percent of seats in the last general election in 2017, according to YouGov. It stated the Conservatives’ total seat count would climb to 359, compared to 211 for Labour — predicting that the left-wing party would shed 51 seats overall. Johnson, who shot over a minority government in July and been not able to rate his EU divorce bargain through parliament, has pledged to take Britain out of their bloc by January 31. If the centre-right Conservatives are returned to power in the third general election in four decades, he is promising to bring back his Brexit bargain to parliament before Christmas. One of the smaller parties in the House of Commons, the survey said the Scottish National Party (SNP) would gain eight seats to a total of 43, while the Liberal Democrats were called a total of 13 seats, Welsh party Plaid Cymru four along with the Green Party one. Labour is presently being investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) after a number of complaints about alleged anti-Semitism from the party.

Ask Questions To China About CPEC: US Urges Pakistan. The Trump administration has urged Pakistanis to ask tough questions to China about the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, as a leading American diplomat launched a blistering attack on the multi-billion dollar project that the official claimed is going to take a toll on Islamabad’s market. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a planned system of roads, railways and energy jobs linking China’s resource-rich Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region with Pakistan’s strategic Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea. The CPEC was launched in 2015 when President Xi Jinping visited it and Pakistan envisages investment of over USD 50 billion in different projects of development in Pakistan. “We expect Pakistanis will ask Beijing tough questions on debt, liability, equity and transparency… Ask the Chinese government why it’s pursuing a development product in Pakistan, which significantly deviates from what brought China its economic achievement,” Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Alice Wells said on Thursday in a significant policy speech. “Why not the public know the price for CPEC’s most expensive project, or the way it’s being decided on debt?” “What are the long-term consequences in Pakistan of all Chinese financing clinics?” The top American diplomat requested in her comments on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in South and Central Asia, with emphasis on the CPEC. In her speech at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Wells explained that the CPEC is a main initiative of the One Belt One Road project planning to bring Pakistan nearer to China by addressing infrastructure needs, but potentially at an unsustainable price to Pakistan. “With non-CPEC Chinese debt obligations, China’s going to require an increasing toll on the Pakistan economy, especially when the bulk of payments start to come up at the next four to six decades. Even if the loan payments are deferred, they are going to hang Pakistan’s economic development possible hamstringing Prime Minister Khan’s reform program,” Wells said. In July, the IMF had said Pakistan was facing”major financial challenges” because of weak and erratic growth and that its economy is at a crucial juncture where it requires an ambitious and daring set of reforms. At the moment, Pakistan needed a currency reserve of less than USD 8 billion, enough just to cover 1.7 months of imports. Wells stated,”Inflated prices of development and power projects is not great for the Pakistani individuals. The CPEC almost always takes the kind of financing or burdensome loans with the government profiting along with Chinese state-owned enterprises. This is hardly the’calmness and win-win alliance’ OBOR is supposed to ease.” China embraced Paris Club clinics of concessions and grant aid, or is a member of the G20, but hasn’t implemented G20 infrastructure criteria, she said. “These two actions would ensure greater transparency in lending practices as part of CPEC,” she explained. The CPEC, she stated, is based mostly on employees and provides instead of giving that company to workers and Pakistan businesses. “Pakistanis — especially enthusiastic youth — are able and willing to work on jobs that will benefit their country,” she claimed. Wells said OBOR lacks practices. Struggling can lead to unsustainable debt burdens, which can result in decreasing sovereignty and surrendering of resources. Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing has headquartered CPEC. “In actuality, the ambassador said that China would like to see its connection with Pakistan function as an example for its relations with other States,” she explained. Creating a few observations on price, debt, transparency and occupations, Wells stated according to Pakistani government statistics for every megawatt made by a finished CPEC renewable energy project developers spent an estimated, USD 1.5 billion. The cost of constructing CPEC thermal plant, per megawatt is half that, or USD 750 million, she said. What are the long-term consequences in Pakistan of Chinese financing practices, and also what are the burdens which have fallen on the new government to manage with today with an estimated USD 15 billion in debt to the Chinese authorities, and another USD 6.7 billion in Chinese commercial debt? “Because it is clear, or needs to be clear that CPEC isn’t about help,” she explained. Slamming China on transparency, Wells said lack of transparency may raise cost and the price of corruption, leading to an even sexier debt burden for Pakistan. Instead of creating work she said Chinese workers who earn money in Pakistan, take the wages back to China, leaving very little in the market are being brought in by CPEC.

AMD Launched new chips. It has been discovered that celiac disease degeneration (AMD) is the principal cause of central vision loss and leads to the middle of the visual field being blurred or fully emptied out, finds a recent study. The analysis was discussed through the’72nd Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamic. Jinglin Huang, a graduate student in medical engineering at Caltech, suggested that inefficient fluid mixing of the medication and the gel within the eye might be to blame. AMD starts as’ironic’ AMD, a disease where the macula — the region of the retina, responsible for sending info about concentrated light into the mind to produce a image — thins with age. Dry AMD is not treatable and is common but may evolve into’wet’ AMD, which will be likely to cause vision loss. In wet AMD’s event, injections of medications called anti-vascular endothelial growth factor agents to the eye will help manage the disease. Since the medicine does not mix with the fluid in the eye the vitreous — economically huang said. Applying heat to the mixture can figure out this dilemma. ‘Because thermally induced mixing in the vitreous chamber can foster the creation of a circulation flow arrangement, this can possibly serve the drug delivery process,’ Huang said. ‘Considering that the half-life of this medication is restricted, this thermally ensures that more drug of high potency can reach the target tissue,’ he added. To use the thermally induced mixing technique, no modifications in the injection procedure are needed. An additional heating step following the injection is all that is required. ‘It can lower the amount of medication’ said Huang. ‘It is definitely easy to be executed.’ Huang and her colleagues expect this work will inspire eye doctors improve patient encounters and to develop therapy techniques that are better.